Possibilities EP

by Steven Mudd

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On his debut release, Steven Mudd skillfully crafts a tapestry of sounds to be enjoyed by all.

Contact: stevenmuddmusic@gmail.com


released September 21, 2010

1. Possibilities
2. What A Life
3. Love (featuring Amy Kuney)
4. Things Are Getting Better
5. Feel Alive

All songs written, produced and engineered by Steven Mudd except
"What a Life" and "Love" written by Steven Mudd and Amy Kuney
"Feel Alive" written by Steven Mudd and James Schoensiegel

All instruments played by Steven Mudd except
Trumpet: James Schoensiegel
Trombone: Nathan Crow
B3 Organ on "Feel Alive": Troy Welstad
Electric Guitar on "Feel Alive": Steve Miller
BGV's on "Feel Alive": Bethany Mudd
Bass on "Things Are Getting Better": Brent Kutzle
Additional Ooh's, Aah's, snaps and claps: Jack Mudd, Aisea Taimani, Carly Escoto

Mixed by Corey Gonzalez at S1 Studios in Fullerton, CA

Album artwork by Jennifer Glasgow



all rights reserved


Steven Mudd Santa Monica, California

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Track Name: Possibilities
Every day it feels the same
People here don’t know my name
And all I want is to be known

So I say a little prayer
Brush my teeth and comb my hair
And I walk the world alone
And I thought that it would always be the same until today

I wake up with a new set of eyes
Morning comes, and it’s no surprise
That I can see the possibilities

I wake up with a new set of ears
Morning comes; the clouds disappear
Now I can hear the possibilities

Now things are happening to me
And friends are acting differently
My world is better cause my eyes are wide to see

The sun is getting brighter every day
And colors lose their shades of gray
Now more than ever
Is the perfect opportunity
Track Name: What A Life
Before my feet even touch the ground
This ditty in my head has me moving up and down

Oh oh oh, got time to waste
I've got no place to be, but when I'm there I'm sure it's worth the wait

Gives me a reason to say

Oh what a life I lead
The sun is shining so effortlessly
And I know that we have got each other
And that’s all we need
I said hey

I see things nobody else can see
I take my sweet, sweet time, no need for worrying

Colors that have no names
These tiny discoveries that make me say
Track Name: Love (featuring Amy Kuney)
How am I supposed to know
What you look like, what your name is
But if you love me it will show
I’ll learn to trust those good vibrations

So when that moment finally comes
I'm ready on my mark get set go
And all the photographs of us
Will be hanging by that window

Oh this is Love
Whoa, Love
This is Love

One day you walked into my life
You didn’t give me any warning
You just took me by surprise
Woke me up like Sunday morning

When I first saw you it was unmistakable
Irresistibly kissable you
The other half that I’ve been missing all along
I've spent every wish by wishing on you
Track Name: Things Are Getting Better
It feels like life is on the up and up these days
And getting beautiful in oh so many ways
I know cause things didn’t always used to be this way
Until you came into my life

Things are getting better, better all the time
Things are getting brighter since you have been mine
All the love inside me has made me turn around and see
Things are getting better; better with me

I used to laugh and play like everybody else
Then I got stuck here working through my **** all by myself
But when you came and gave me back my sanity
Now things are getting better here with me

I know I've finally found the love that pushes me through
After all the ups and downs, and all the run arounds, I still have you

I used to be the one who didn’t quite understand
Why you aspired to make me a better man
But now I realize you never had it planned
You’re just the kind of lady love who can
Track Name: Feel Alive
Driving home from Nashville
And I caught the southern blues
I drive all night cause I just can’t wait
To get on home to you

Cause you make me high
And you make it right
Everything about you girl lights up my life

You make me feel alive
Even when all around me is coming down outside
Baby you come and hold me and make it all alright
Baby you; you make me feel alive

Hurrying down Broadway
Towards 7th Avenue
Walking in line with the neon signs, but all I see is you

Cause you make me high
And you make it right
Everything about you girl lights up my life

Girl you really need to know
You're my beacon of hope
And the only thing I know is true
Is you